Winner of Consumers' Choice - Award for 2009 & 2010


The place was very professional, clean and the staff was very helpful.


I wrote the IELTS three times before I took your class and I am so happy that found you guys because you helped me a lot. My score is 7. Thanks, Calgary Learning.


Thanks for your help Shema. I got 6 in speaking, 6 in writings, 9 in listening and 8 in reading. I really like the way you teach the class.


I have twin boys with learning difficulty. They are in Grade 3. I have tried three different tutoring institutions but I have had no success. Last May I registered in a reading program with Sherma Jeffrey-Ryan and I have seen great improvement. The went to the summer camps there and they did not want me to pick them up after the camp. They learned so much and they had so much fun. I am very pleased that I have found you guys. Thanks I will tell lots of people about the good work you do..

Mary Smith

My son was struggling with math and I sent him to CLI. His mark has improved and I am happy to have him work with these tutors with his grade 10 work.

Natasha Coutain

My son was struggling in Grade 10, His marks were 50% in Maths, 43% in Physics and 63% in English. I was very desperate so I called Calgary Leaning and I set up and appointment to have a tutor work with my son. After three months my son marks were improved by more than 35% and he loves going to study in CLI. Thank you guys,

Manjeet Gill